Please exit calmly and quietly.

Is it just me, or do other females find it highly degrading and slightly violating when men or a confident man, wolf whistles or gestures towards you? What is the need? Why do it? I don’t think there has ever been a woman in history who was won over and then married the man who wolf whistled at her. On the other hand, wouldn’t that make a charming story to tell the grand kids. However, if you are reading this and in a happy relationship with a guy who has done the above, then please enlighten me as to how you reacted to his actions?

I say all of this because yesterday, whilst minding my own business and walking to the post office, I was blown a kiss from some random ‘pervert’ in a removals van. Now I know this is a very un-lady like thing to do but I stuck my arm out and at the end of it was my middle finger pointing high to the sky in the direction of my new ‘van friend’. I could tell by his reaction that he didn’t like the fact I responded in an unfriendly manor. Well what else does he expect me to do? I don’t know him from Adam, he wasn’t exactly a winner on Britain’s Next Top Model with his looks and clearly no charm, so why on earth would I instinctually  want to smile, wave back and oh, I don’t know, mouth my mobile number to him? No, just no.

Another one that get’s under my skin is the walking past, either on the same side of the road or the opposing, and they stare at you as if you are completely oblivious to them looking into your soul or trying to win you over with their glaring eyeballs. Do I look like an exhibit at a museum? No. Am I asking for your opinion on my outfit? No. Look somewhere else, maybe to the floor or the sky, or perhaps your phone because that’s where you’ll be looking up the number of your opticians as you clearly have something wrong with your sight. You are not going the ‘famous drive and stare’ from Fast and Furious. You are not Vin Diesel or Paul Walker so look away.

Whilst we’re on this note, I don’t think I have ever seen a woman wolf whistle, shout verbal comments or blow a kiss to a man that she doesn’t know. I just don’t think it’s in our nature.

So ladies, my advice to you would be to stand up for yourself. If you get wolf whistled at, either ignore (silence is key) or raise your middle finger. If you are shouted verbal comments, shout one back politely or kindly wander over to the male specimen and say ‘No’. Whether it makes sense or not,a firm and solid no should do the trick. Alternatively, if the comment is more discriminating as I have experienced before, then offer for the man and yourself to take it outside. That will soon shut them up.

Good luck !


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