A spoonful of SOY helps the sushi go down.

Last night, me and my girlfriends went for dinner at a new sushi restaurant called SOY Seafood & Sushi Bar. As a first experience for many of us, we were unsure what to expect and how much to order. I find with sushi you have to order quite a lot to validate it being one course. Then again, that could just be me as I like to eat until i feel the waistband on my jeans tighten.

We ordered 2 sushi dishes each to share and then others ordered more to act as a main. As  a ‘foodie’ i decided to order one portion of pork Gyozas (4 dumplings per dish), California Maki rolls (they never get old) and Chicken Ramen. Rather than being presented on normal plates, the sushi came on large pieces of slate, accompanied by the ginger and wasabi condiments. This was nicely washed down with a classic gin (Bombay of course!) and tonic with a slice of lemon.

Like most Asian restaurants, there was a pair of chopsticks next to the traditional western cutlery. We all decided that these were only to be used for the sushi, which was either stabbed in rage or impatience of not being able to pick up the food. I can tell you now that I definitely did not use the chopsticks for the ramen. Can you imagine only picking up one noodle strand per bite…nightmare! Or it’s like eating melted ice cream with a fork..you’re just making life more difficult for yourself!
For dessert, one of my friends who is a frequent visitor to SOY, recommended the Banana & Nutella Crunch. Now some of you may be thinking that it is a perfect way to end your dinner, or some may be thinking ‘Don’t even think about it’. I say this because i have never been a big lover of banana. However, this was the icing on the cake. The smooth, refreshing taste of the banana coated in a thin slither of Nutella and then baked in a savoury spring roll a.k.a the ‘Crunch’, provided the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, which, and not to sound posh, cleansed my palette and made me feel comfortably full. The ice cream and strawberry was an additional touch and let’s be honest, who is going to say no to them.

As a fairly new restaurant to Jersey, I think SOY will create a new market in itself with it’s fine dining Asian food and experience. The atmosphere was relaxed and you didn’t have waiters lingering around you like flies. The staff were kind and willing to suit all your needs, especially when explaining some of the dishes.  I will definitely be returning soon for my top up of noodles and maki rolls.




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